Concrete is representative of the decay of passive objects, which have a fundamental presence in our everyday life. It is generally seen as a sturdy material that is used to support and strengthen our buildings and urban constructs. Concrete, although considered durable, shows the effects of time through subtle evidence of decay and deterioration. The apparent stability and stillness matched with the erosion of time becomes evidence of the fragility of even the most solid forms. The structures appear timeless yet are affected as if they live an active life, even though in reality we relegate their existence into our periphery. Using photography I isolate these structures from the social context of their surroundings. The remaining neutral tones and geometric lines simplify the function of the structure down to its basic form, portraying the silence of each edifice as it blends into the background of daily life. This abstraction allows the concrete to become the focus and form of each image, enabling me to investigate the rigidity, texture, and color of concrete that are closely related to the purpose of each structure. These abstract constructions draw attention to the universality of these places and the notion that they could be anywhere, regardless of geographic location or cultural background. For the viewer, I hope these photographs stimulate a contemplative viewpoint of the structures and create a sense of emotion linked with the structures that is otherwise not present in everyday life. Thus recognizing the impermanence of these places and a sense of loneliness and solitude as each structure reveals the effects of erosion and neglect.